Accoty vs Freelancers


Accoty Fixed Cost

Freelancers charge based on time spent on the project. The more time they spend, the more they charge. You will never be sure about the cost for the month.

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We at Accoty charge a fixed amount every month. No matter the workload, or time need, your cost is going to be FIXED. ALWAYS

Quality Control

Accoty Quality Control

Freelancers work on the system and tech with which they are comfortable. You will never know what is going on with the project till you get on a call. If things are not going as per the plan, you will know it only at the end. 

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We at Accoty work on the same tech stack you are using. You see the progress in real-time and can change the stuff whenever needed. This real-time monitoring helps to avoid any mess-up.


Accoty Security

You can not give them access to all the information. When you pass on the required information, the chances of hacking or leakage gets high.

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We will use the same tech and stack which you use. It eliminates any chance of security risk. All the information remains on the same platforms which you are currently using. 


Accoty working only for you

The main motto of a freelancer is to increase his business, not yours. They want to get as much works as they can or manage. When you hire a freelancer, they will never work only for you. They work on several projects at once that affects the quality and increases the cost for you.

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At Accoty, when we work with you, we work only for you. We dedicate our time 100%. And you can always be sure to get quality work.


Accoty NDA

In the case of a freelancer, they hardly sign an NDA. They can use your thing in some other project to impress their other clients. Without an NDA, sharing information is always at risk.

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We begin work only after signing an NDA. You can share anything or everything. Everything remains secrete. After signing an NDA, we are no longer an outsider but an extension of your team.