Accoty vs Outsourcing


Accoty Confidentiality

Outsourcing companies use their tech stack and access your data. Once the outsourcing partner copies the data, you lose control over it. The outsourcing partner can use your data for their profits. Employee's of outsourcing partners can do whatever they want with your data.

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We use the same technologies and resources to perform the complete the work. No data exchange happens. Even if we need to access the data, we never download it on our systems. You never lose control of your data.

Loss of Control

Accoty No Loss Control

When you go with an outsourcing partner, you lose some control. Now, your outsourcing partner decides how to measure the task and how to complete it. They adopt the KPIs which benefits them. An outsourcing partner gets all the control.

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We work as an extension of your team. Nothing gets transferred to us. We do not change how tasks are getting done or change the KPIs. You always have all the control. You decided what to measure and how to perform a task.

Less Flexible

Accoty More Flexible

When you hire an outsourcing partner, you set requirements for the project. Till now, you can change things. From here, the project is out of your hand. If there is nothing in the contract about the tech, the outsourcing partner will decide which tech to use. If there is a breakthrough in the tech, they will not use it until you change the contract document. 

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We use the same tech stack as you use. It helps us remain flexible. Even if you want to switch to some other tech, we will do it with you. It makes you change with the market. Faster.

Hidden Cost

Accoty Fixed Cost

When you hire an outsourcing partner, nothing is rock solid when it comes to cost. They charge on a variable basis. You will never know how the cost is going to look like until you receive an invoice. 

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We fixed all the charges before we begin any work. No matter how much is the workload or how much is required, your cost will remain the same. Always