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Say bye to talent shortage

It’s crucial when you are growing to have the right people working for you. India produces more than 1.5 million engineers every year. The team we will build for you will be a perfect match for the requirements. The team will remain aligned with your company culture, vision and mission.

Accoty graduates every year

Tap into the pool of top talent in India

Leverage the talent of India’s top software developers and access skills you can’t find at home. Compay’s like amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM call India home - India is truly a global tech hub.


Accoty India

You scale your company

Our dedicated happiness officer will put your team in line with your company’s culture and vision. The happiness officer will also help you to conduct team activities that you perform with your in-house team. A true home away from home.


Accoty growth for your company


4.36 mn

People employed in the Indian IT sector.


1.5 mn

Engineers graduate every year.

Global R&D


India is home to R&D centres of tech giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook.

Our recrutment process

It requires great developers to build extraordinary products. We hire world-class engineers for your team who’re ready to solve complex problems from day one and deliver innovative products and services for your customers. What is the secret sauce? Our rigorous hiring process.

  • 1. Talent Searching

    The initial search, prescreening, and first contact to begin building your tech team from elite candidates.

  • 2. Logical Skill Test

    An array of tests to make sure candidates can tackle complex problems easily.

  • 3. Technical Expertise

    One-day, in-office practical assessment with our technical panel to measure understanding.

  • 4. Mock Assignment

    Three-day project done at home to get a holistic overview of candidate's ability to architect a solution.

  • 5. HR Interview

    In-depth screening to gain better insight into candidate's personality and individual quirks.

  • 6. Manager Interview

    A conversation to determine whether the developer is the right candidate fit for your business.

  • 7. Final Stage

    You perform the final interview and choose your champions from the elite final group.

Accoty It's a match

It’s a match between talent and culture

We ensure the right chemistry exists between your new hire and your business. We make sure your new offshore team is 100% aligned with your company’s culture.

All the new hires are fully fluent in English

Accoty English
Accoty Collaboration

Collaboration without hurdles

Your new team in India works exactly like your existing one. They use the same tools, and you're 100% in charge of workflow and daily tasks.

Your Team, Our expertise

Your team is built from world class engineers.

You’re incharge of your team’s workflow.

You have direct interaction with your team.

Your developers as your colleagues.

We’ll help you —

Development team extension

Need help with your current project but can’t find the right candidates to join the team? You can have us as your extension to work with you.

Dedicated development team

Let them work on a new product or service or have them as an extension of your in-house team.

Offshore Development Centre

Build your offshore development centre of 50+ engineers. Let them work on new products and services and drive innovation.

If you have any other requirements, we can build a custom solution for you.

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