Dedicated Development Team

Does the talent you need is hard to get?

Build your tech team in India

Build your fully integrated team in India

Build your fully integrated team in India

Beat the skills shortage at home and build your world-class dedicated team in India. We build your team, set up operations, and support you daily while you work directly with your team freeing you to focus on development and delivery.

Super fast Scaling

Increase your development capacity without spending time on hiring or onboarding.

Managed Operations

Managed Operations

It’s your dedicated team in India, so you’re in charge of the output. We’re there to help with all the heavy lifting.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Your developers are an integral part of your team, and we make sure they’re aligned and engaged.

Easy communication

Easy communication

English is the language of the IT industry in India, facilitating communication.

You focus on innovation, we do the heavy lifting

You have requirements, India have the talent

You have requirements, India have the talent

Wave goodbye to lengthy recruitment drives and say hello to super fast scaling. We handpick the cream of the crop and build you a team from the top 1% of India’s engineering talent.


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A home away from home

A home away from home

Leverage the talent of India’s top developers and access skills you can’t find locally. With the R&D centres of the world’s top tech giants, India is a dynamic hub of innovation and a place you’ll feel right at home.


4.36 mn

People employed in the Indian IT sector.


1.5 mn

Engineers graduate every year.

Global R&D


India is home to R&D centres of tech giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook.

A people-first approach

A people-first approach

One of the things our partners value about us the most is that culture is a key principle. What does this mean?

During our recruitment process, we place a strong focus on cultural fit.

We organize team-building activities and events.

You have a dedicated Chief Happiness Officer who handles your team’s engagement daily.

Enjoy a modern office space

Your team will have its own private equipped office space. This office space will be branded as per your corporate brand guidelines. The office will be supplied with the everyday equipment your developers need to deliver results.

  • Dual internet connection to fight any downtime.
  • Conference rooms for meetings and video calls.
  • Relaxing areas with coffee and snacks.
  • Office stationery such as notepads and pens.

We were looking for engineers but couldn't find any with the skills we needed. We tried working with freelancers, but every day was a horrible surprise. Accoty came, and it was a different planet. 

Jeffrey Lim

CEO & Co-founder, EZY-EDU

The right talent, the right place, the right model

We assemble the team

We assemble the team

You will get the elite engineers you need without disrupting operations to overseas recruitment.

we do the heavy-lifting

We do the heavy-lifting

We do the heavy-lifting of managing operations, paperwork, legal & compliance, taxes and all administration.

you grow your company

You grow your company

When you're ready to increase your capacity, we'll work with you to grow your team at speed.

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You Avoid

Lengthy recruitment cycle.

Project-based developers.

Complicated logistics and administration.

The security that doesn’t measure up.

Snail-pace growth.

Difficult collaboration between teams.

Developers who don’t have the required skills.

You Get

Super-fast team assembly.

Fully aligned, engaged employees.

End-to-end managed operations.

Security protocols at home mirrored in India.

Lightning-fast scaling.

India team uses the same tools and methodologies.

Specialists are hired to match your unique needs.

Build your team with a trusted partner

Your developers are full-time colleagues, not external support.

Your admin, payroll, and HR are managed.

Your engineers are aligned with your company’s vision.

You can rapidly scale your team as and when you need.

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