Our Way

Introducing the easy way to have a global development team.

Let's see how we do it

Assembling the team

The team in India will be built after a rigorous selection process that filters out the top talent from the rest.

Accoty assembling the team

Doing heavy-lifting

We do the heavy lifting. We manage everything freeing you to focus on working with your team. You develop disruptive products and grow your company at rocket speed.

Accoty doing the heavy-lifting

You grow without limit

Our dedicated happiness officer makes sure your team in India is aligned with your company’s culture and vision. The happiness officer even helps you to conduct team activities that you perform with your in-house team. A true home away from home.

Accoty growth for your company

The real benefit


Have peace of Mind

As CTO, one of your key priorities is to ensure your product remains innovative. With our way, your team of technical subject matter experts will give life to your vision.

VP of engineering

See the bigger picture

Enjoy open, direct, one on one, daily communication with your engineers in India. Our way allows you to look at the development in real-time.

Product Manager

Easy Collaboration

You work with your engineers using the same methodology and tools as with your in-house team. You've control of the entire workflow and clear visibility of the daily progress of your developers’ assigned tasks.

Your developers work only for you

Accoty your developers only works for you

It’s time to select modern Offshoring

Talent pool of elite engineers

Fully managed operations - we got it

Your team working towards achieving your vision

The Process


We analyse your requirements and prepare an offering with a detailed roadmap.

Set Up

We source elite talent for your team. After that setup offices, equipment, and infrastructure.


We onboard your new hires and ensure everything is in place for your team to start working.


We keep your engineers engaged and aligned with your company's vision, and help you scale on-demand to your specific requirements.

We’ll help you —

Development team extension

Need help with your current project but can’t find the right candidates to join the team? You can have us as your extension to work with you.

Dedicated development team

Let them work on a new product or service or have them as an extension of your in-house team.

Offshore Development Centre

Build your offshore development centre of 50+ engineers. Let them work on new products and services and drive innovation.

If you have any other requirements, we can build a custom solution for you.

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