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What our clients says

We were working on a new product and needed some people with specific skills to develop it. The number of years of experience we were looking for in a person within the given budget was unattainable. Then I come to know about Accoty. They integrated themselves with our existing team very well. There was no difference between them and us. Cut short, we launched the product on time and within the budget.

Ben Lai


When we started to build our platform, our team was enough. As soon as we hit our first milestone, the people in our tech team reached their potential. They were not enough to develop and move the product ahead. I started to look for people, but no matter how much we were willing to pay, the skill level we were getting was not enough. At that moment, I decided to cross the borders of my home country. I contacted Accoty, and they took over the entire tech department. From that day, everything is going ahead and running smoothly. 

Jeffrey Lim


My team was working to its full potential, but still, that was not enough. We tried to get more people, but our local talent pool was small. Desperate time required desperate measures. I gave Accoty a shot. As they begin working with us, they become an extension of my team. Work pressure decreased, productivity increased, and projects benefited.

Artem K


We were looking to hire a few people. The skills we were looking for are hard to find in one single person. Hiring many people for one job doesn't make any sense, and it too was going way over our budget. One of my friends recommended Accoty. We still end up hiring many people for one job. But, the skill level was way above what we were expecting, plus we got everything in under our budget.

Rylan Hawkins


Accoty Remote IT team

Outsource your IT with full authority over it.


Pay as you go

Pat only for what you consume.

Scale-up and down

Plan as per the economic environment. Scale-up and down anytime to suit the market conditions.


With constant evolving technology, stay relevant to the market by adopting superior technology.

Become Leaner

No need to hire full-time employees to build and develop products. No need to build an IT department.


Accoty advantage Financial savings

Financial Savings

Transfer your capital expenditure to operational expenses.

Accoty advantage agile


Be more responsive to customer's needs and market changes.

Accoty advantage growth


By reducing capital expenditure, and picking the right technology allows you to chase new businesses.

Why Us?

Faster and Secure

You can end the time leak in managing platforms and technologies to get the work done. We work on the platforms you use which make the collaboration secure and faster.

Accoty right skills

Right Skills

You need the right talent with the right skill to achieve your scaling target. We have the skill sets you need to supercharge your growth.

The Way You Want

No miscommunication, no turning out the things not your way. You can manage the entire production cycle to get things Your Way when you can see the progress in real-time.

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