Development Team Extension

Stop waiting for the right talent and start scaling.
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Extend your tech team with world-class engineers

Extend your tech team with world-class engineers

Accoty handpicks world-class developers and augments them into your existing engineering team. Whether you’re looking for web developers fluent in java and .NET or mobile developers who are wizards in Kotlin and Swift - we’re here to help.

Easily scale your team

Easily scale your team

Hiring additional developers on-demand is a key component of our approach - helping you to deliver planned projects successfully.

Managed Operations

Cultural alignment

An emphasis on cultural alignment ensures high engineer engagement and retention to keep your team cohesive.

IT security

Employee engagement

Your extended team operates using the same security protocols and tools you do at home. Your code is safe and sound in India.

Easy communication

Direct oversight

You're in the driving seat, managing the daily workflow - you have total control over product and IP.

The best talent for extended your team, on-demand

The best talent for extended your team, on-demand
World class engineers in India

World class engineers in India

Leverage the talent of India’s top developers and success skills you can’t find elsewhere. Home to Asia’s silicon valley, it’s a dynamic hub of innovation with a deep pool of highly talented engineers.


4.36 mn

People employed in the Indian IT sector.


1.5 mn

Engineers graduate every year.

Global R&D


India is home to R&D centres of tech giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook.

Code in cohesive culture

Code in cohesive culture

Your developers in India are an integral and integrated addition to your existing engineering team. Instilling your company DNA is a key component of the onboarding process. Our holistic approach to culture and collaboration allows you to manage your extended team and develop tech in the same way you do at home.

Our way makes scaling simple

We assemble the team

We assemble the team

You will get the elite engineers you need without disrupting operations to overseas recruitment.

we do the heavy-lifting

We do the heavy-lifting

We do the heavy-lifting of managing operations, paperwork, legal & compliance, taxes and all administration.

you grow your company

You grow your company

When you're ready to increase your capacity, we'll work with you to grow your team at speed.

Take a closer look at our way

To support your objective, we help you to...

A people-first approach

... quickly increase your capacity to help you manage your daily workflow or support long term product development.

... assemble a team from 5 - 100+ to enable everything from digitalisation to enterprise-wide transformation.

... bring in the skills you need. From developers used to working with particular methodologies, to engineers fluent in a specific language.

... meet strategic goals such as bringing products to market faster or maintaining delivery during the time of disruption

Work together in holistic enviornment


From developers proficient at enterprise-grade web applications to engineers fluent in a specific programming language like Python, C++, and java - you’ll find them in India with our finely tuned recruitment model.



Because we hire your development team following your unique requirements, you’ll get engineers who excel using the same methodologies as your team at home such as Agile, Scrum, Lean, or DevOps.


Your engineers in India use the same tools and communication channels as your team at hone. And, as English is the language of the development industry in India you’ll be speaking the same language, literally.


Augmentation done awesomely

You Avoid

Average skilled people.

Broken collaboration between teams.

Developers lacking the specific skills you need.

Lacklustre security protocols.

Developers are not invested in the company vision.

Complicated logistics and administrations.

Long-winded recruitment process.

You Get

Elite engineers from a world-class talent pool.

Seamless cross-team working process.

Specialists sourced to your skill requirements.

Security measures at home mirrored in India.

Engineers fully aligned with your company vision.

Fully end-to-end managed operations.

Rapid team assembly.

Seamless and secure team extension

Fill the skill gap you have in your existing team at lightning speed.

Control over the workflow and direct communication with the team.

We manage your admin, logistics, payroll and HR.

Accoty tailor your security measures based on your operational requirements.

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